interactive artist

  • This is the portfolio of Alex Stockdale, an interactive artist from Chicago, Illinois. He takes pride in web experimentation, filmmaking, and multimedia art. Through his experience, he has risen above others by merging his skills in coding with his love for creativity. He is constantly researching and developing new techniques in order to create new platforms for his clients that will push their business branding ahead of others. Innovation drives his work.

  • Hydro, Inc.

    Web Development
    Server Administration
    Mobile App Development

    Hydro is the largest independent pump rebuilder in the world, and has provided engineering expertise, pump repair and support services to the industry since 1969. I was given the opportunity to re-design & develop all of their international web sites for a 2015-2016 launch cycle.

    I've also developed a Swift iOS application for Hydro, Inc., which works on both the iPad & iPhone. The app is currently available on the App Store. Daily tasks include updating and maintaining their virtual private server, keeping their intranet up-to-date, and coding cross-compatible HTML e-blasts for viewing on desktop, tablet, & mobile devices.

  • Century 21 SGR

    Web Development
    UX / UI Design

    For the S.G.R. sector of Century 21, I had the opportunity of developing and re-designing the web site’s home page. This project involved rebranding the sector’s outdated color scheme, layout, and mobile accessibility. This project was built with the “Mobile First” approach in order to maintain a fully responsive and adjustable layout for a wide range of desktop and device screen resolutions. I had used HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery in producing the company’s new home page, which includes a full screen responsive photo slideshow, responsive navigation menu, animated menu screens, and the incorporation of an adjustable grid system for sub-content.

  • Thoughts from the Front

    CMS Customization
    UX / UI Design

    Thoughts from the Front is a personal blog written by the CEO of Clovic, Inc, a marketing strategy and public relations consultancy. For this project, the client had asked for the combination of two different Wordpress themes, while also keeping the layout responsive for mobile devices. A large amount of custom PHP page modifications and stylesheet edits were required for project completion.

  • The Lyric Exchange

    Mobile App Development

    This project involved creating mobile app prototype for a startup company. The Lyric Exchange is both a record label & an accessibility tool designed to improve the discovery of the user’s collection of music. My job was to create a responsive grid showcasing one-hundred musicians and ten venue types in which a user can select in completing the survey. After selecting the above musicians/venues, an algorithm then collects the data and sends it back to the company email using PHP.