The power of Three.js

We live in wild era.

An era in which the backbone of global economics, infrastructure, and art is code.

We are beginning to see a rise in companies and innovators utilizing traditional programming in different and exotic ways. We’ve witnessed an overnight emergence of smart buildings, self-driving cars, industrial IOT, and much more. Crazy, right?

Throughout my life, I’ve watched the slow progression of graphics engines and their advancements. From Source, to Unreal – Houdini to Pixar’s RenderMan. It’s been a slow evolution, with astonishing strides.

Today, I wanted to examine the evolution of Three.js,  a JavaScript framework written by Ricardo Cabello capable of displaying 3D graphic in web browsers.

Below are various examples of interactive modern art designed and developed using web code. Creating these innovative works of art is not easy! The process can sometimes take years of hard work and planning. Curious to see what goes into an interactive three-dimensional web environment?

Check out some of the current demos below.

( all visuals were produced using Three.js )

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