Maya, Three.js, mb.YTPlayer, and more!

Two quick experiments that I wanted to showcase this week:

For this project, I’ve been playing around with some code that I found on
If you haven’t checked out these examples yet, please do! You can even download the entire website for free, including all the source code!

Alright, so what I ended up doing was pulling this code, & modifying it little by little over the past year.
I’ve edited the camera rig, and a large spectrum of the particle attributes including color, speed, & its interaction on desktop and mobile.

I then discovered  a way to eliminate the particle’s black background,
and then I slipped a hidden wrapper behind the three.js animation which plays any chosen YouTube video using a customized version of jqeury.mb.YTPlayer.js.

Try it on on your iPhone too!

( Please give it a chance to load. A bit too many polygons. )

This project involved quite a bit of 3D modeling in Autodesk’s Maya. After creating a few unique models in Maya, I exported to the OBJ & MTL filetype. Using three.js I was able to import the two files (OBJ referencing the model type & MTL referencing the textures) , while also setting up a virtual lighting rig, shaders, and a mouse/touch controlled camera. After a bit of messing around and with the help of these guys, I was able to add some dynamic shadows created  by the custom lighting rig.

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