Thanks, SpitG!

Hanging out in the green room at Martyrs’ before playing a show alongside Samson the Aviator

Howdy. Last week, the infamous “Vand” (yes, I said Vand) was handed over to Charlie (of Circus in the Sea) by SpitG, from my previous crew over at Horrible/Beaut. Excited to see what we can use it for! Back in the day, we played countless shows across Chicago, lugging our amps around in that van. I played keys and gigged with those guys from 2016-2018. We played at The Elbo Room, Martyrs’, Quenchers Saloon, Silvie’s Lounge, Burlington Bar, Underground Lounge, Hostel Earphoria, and many more amazing venues and house parties.

Listen to Horrible/Beaut’s EP on Spotify here, or check out the embed below.

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